Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from City University of Seattle.
Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC).

My therapeutic approach is Holistic and an integration of therapeutic theories. I work with all the aspects that makes us human beings. We live in a society that traps us in our minds, disconnecting us from rest of ourselves (body, heart, soul, intuition). I help with processing emotions, re-wiring the brain, healing the inner child, integration work, remembering how to listen to your body and its wisdom, connecting to your heart and finding the truth of who you are, and reconnecting with your spirit, which is your internal light source and the only tool that will help you fill the existential void we all struggle with.

My practice incorporates elements of mindfulness, nature therapy, and spirituality, in order to create a holistic approach to healing.

Some of my specialties include, inner child work, shadow work, transmuting pain in to wisdom (shadow into light) work.

Treatment plans are based on the specific needs of each individual client.
I stand by the belief that the most important component of the therapeutic process is the cultivation of a collaborative, respectful, safe,  and trusting relationship with each client.
My aim is to provide a safe, supportive, non-judgmental, and professional environment for healing, as the only way out of suffering is by walking through it. It’s honour for me to be able walk by your side and guide you through the journey of healing and self- discovery.
I promise you, freedom awaits you on the other side.



Counselling Services:
Depression, Emotional Dysregulation
Substance Use
Stress Management
Anger Management, Conflict Resolution
Communication Skills
Self-Identity, Self-Esteem

Couple’s Counselling

Meaning and Purpose

Inner Child Work
Heart Healing Work
Shadow Work

Nature Therapy

Individuals ages 18+

My focus is to help clients:
Identify and understand themselves, the root of their suffering, and aid them in healing their emotional wounds. I also provide my clients with tools and new skills they can begin to use in order to cope with and navigate through life, emotional triggers, and challenges better.
Build awareness around irrational thinking styles, and the impact they have on mood (anxiety, depression) and behavior.
Change irrational thinking styles, and replace them with realistic/helpful thoughts to decrease mood disorder symptoms.
Develop communication skills, so one is able to express themselves assertively and set healthy boundaries
Build new perspective on the changes one can make to better relationships
Learn collaborative problem solving skills to resolve conflicts and reduce relationship stress
Identify and further develop personal strengths
Explore values and morals to build a positive and healthy self-identityIMG_5938


Address: Vancouver, BC. Canada
Email: anaclaudiaholistic@gmail.com
Phone: 778-882-5304
Instagram: @anaclaudia_holisticcounselling
Facebook: Ana Claudia Holistic Counselling